Posted by: kurtsh | April 30, 2023

INFO: “Azure Lighthouse” – Free Subscription Management service

imageAzure Lighthouse allows IT organizations to manage, secure & maintain the Azure subscriptions of other organizations – even across completely different Azure enrollments.

Originally created for Cloud Service Providers to enable them to manage the Azure subscriptions of hundreds of customers, Azure Lighthouse is also used by central IT authorities to provide their Azure skills & expertise as a service provider to other organizations (departments, agencies, etc.) that lack IT professionals with management, security, scale, governance, compliance & other needs. 

In turn, these depts or agencies can provide a central IT authority with specific access to their Azure instance for:

  • Read-only, monitoring
  • Limited administrative control
  • Full subscription control

And there is no charge to use it.

For more information on this service, visit my previous post on Azure Lighthouse here:

Also, go to the following:


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