Posted by: kurtsh | May 1, 2023

INFO: Compliance & Governance challenges of Microsoft 365 F3

imageIf you’re a public sector or government entity, be careful when considering purchasing Microsoft 365 F3 licensing to “save money” over Microsoft 365 G3.

Getting Microsoft 365 F3 user subscription licenses for a segment of your users may be a great solution for saving money on licensing for “field workers”, “technicians” & “non-office based workers” that don’t have the same robust needs as traditional information workers… but it’s only a good option if you don’t have governance or compliance needs for these workers.

This article goes over the differences between E/Enterprise licenses & F/Field Worker user subscription licenses however there’s more than this.

Here are a few features not available to Microsoft 365 F3 licensed users:

  1. Ability to run eDiscovery searches on F3 user email, files, chat
  2. Ability to put an F3 user’s mailbox on either Litigation Hold or In-place Hold
  3. Ability to Audit user content
  4. Ability to provide Email Archiving (aka Archive Mailbox)
  5. Ability to apply Data Loss Prevention rules for email, files, chat or endpoints
  6. Use more than 2GB of storage per F3 mailbox
  7. Ability to Delegate Access to others to the mailbox
  8. Ability to recover a single item in an Exchange mailbox

Many of these limitations are summarized in the table comparing subscription license types:

Note: For folks that have Microsoft 365 F3 and discover they have a need for one or more of the above features, the solution is to purchase one of the following for each existing F3 licensee:

  • Exchange Online Plan 2
  • Step up to Microsoft 365 E3/G3


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