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BETA: “QnA Managed" – Public Preview

Check out the next version of QnA Maker featuring cutting-edge deep learning and advances like better relevance and precise answering.

imageThe next version of QnA Maker advances several core capabilities like better relevance and precise answering, by introducing state-of-art deep learning technologies. In addition, it also simplifies resource management by reducing the number of resources deployed. The latest version will enable customers with strict geo requirements to deploy the service in the region of their choice end-to-end.

Watch the video:

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WEBCAST: Best Practices for Enterprise-Wide DevOps Adoption

Adopting DevOps at an enterprise scale? Get tips to make sure you’re setting up the right environment for your developers to innovate:

imageAlthough many organizations are adopting DevOps, implementing effective practices at enterprise-scale can be difficult. Read the Enterprise DevOps Report 2020–2021, a Microsoft and Sogeti research study of more than 250 cloud and DevOps implementations. From the report, learn how to scale your DevOps practices to improve business metrics, customer satisfaction, and Developer Velocity—creating the right environment for developers to innovate. Use the study’s recommendations as a blueprint for your successful adoption of enterprise DevOps.

You’ll learn about:

  • Six key areas of enterprise IT, including governance, that face significant challenges as part of an enterprise DevOps transformation.
  • Common ideologies and patterns followed by top performing adopters to address the challenges of enterprise DevOps.
  • Strategies implemented by successful enterprises to build continuous governance, security, quality, and compliance into their engineering processes.
  • DevOps best practices to enable your organization to support distributed teams and remote work.

Watch the webcast here:

Microsoft has been selected to provide the underlying cloud technology platform for the Air Force’s top modernization priority, “Advanced Battle Management System”.

As a measure of our support for the mission of flying, fighting and winning in air, space and cyberspace, our Microsoft Federal team is honored to be selected to support the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), the U.S. Air Force’s top modernization priority. We join other companies that have been collectively awarded $950 million in indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contracts to compete for future efforts enabling Joint All–Domain Command and Control.

Our trusted Microsoft Azure Government cloud will serve as the underlying technology platform for these needed solutions, providing the ability to fuse data from disparate sources to generate a more robust operating picture and operations across the battlespace. From leveraging GitHub tools to adding Azure Cognitive Services smart API capabilities, developers will be able to create integrated, intelligent apps enabling rapid human decision–making, even without having direct AI or data science skills or knowledge. 

Read the entire announcement here:

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RELEASE: Polls for Teams Meetings using Microsoft Forms

Setting up impromptu or planned polls/surveys within Microsoft Teams meetings just got really easy with the release of “Polls in Teams Meetings”

As we had announced at Ignite, Forms’ integration with Teams brings the power of polls to your meetings. We are delighted to inform you that we are rolling out Polls in Teams Meetings.

These polls leverage the infrastructure and capabilities of the Forms product to enhance your virtual meeting experiences. Whether you are running a large-scale training session, leading your monthly all hands, or teaching in a remote classroom , Polls in Teams meetings enables meeting presenters to get real time feedback and turn attendees into active participants.

Prepare Poll.gif

For more on how to use this new feature, visit:

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DOWNLOAD: eBook, “OneNote for Meetings”

imageThis August 2020, we released a new series of eBooks for OneNote.  One of them is entitled, “OneNote for Meetings”.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How templates can help to streamline note-taking in meetings

  • How to take notes in meetings with OneNote

  • How to share and track meeting notes in OneNote, Outlook, and Teams

Get the free ebook here:

Note:  There are also other free downloadable eBooks available for the following:

imageHow have successful organizations navigated their #DevOps journeys? Find these stories and more in Effective DevOps from O’Reilly.

DevOps enables organizations to deliver software faster and more reliably. But to get the desired results, it’s important to know that there’s more to building an effective DevOps practice than learning new methodologies and technologies. Culture is the key to a successful DevOps transformation.

Download Effective DevOps from O’Reilly to find out how to build a strong and sustainable DevOps culture within your organization.

Read the e-book to learn:

  • The foundations and central four pillars of effective DevOps.
  • Tips for fostering collaboration, strong interpersonal relationships, and affinity between teams. 
  • How to select tools and workflows that support and strengthen your organization’s unique DevOps culture.
  • How to troubleshoot common problems and misunderstandings.
  • How successful organizations have handled their DevOps journeys.

Download now:

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TRAINING: Power Platform Beginner’s Course (Udacity)

imageIf you don’t know how to code but want to easily build apps that solve business problems, there’s now a powerful and effective solution to help you create your own. No longer will you need to get swamped with technical details or use developer resources to create amazing apps. Now, you can use low-code solutions, like Microsoft Power Platform. The best part? Udacity is offering a free, beginner-level course to show you how.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is an app development, data analysis, automation and AI solution from Microsoft that empowers people in the tech industry who aren’t engineers — citizen developers at any level of the organization. It is a no-code platform which means that users don’t need any programming experience to use the tool.

Microsoft Power Platform has four main components:

  • Power Apps –  Low-code, extendable apps for web, iOS, and Android that can be built with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Power BI – Self-service analytics brought together in simple dashboards and reports, perfect for driving business insights
  • Power Automate – Codeless workflow automation that integrates hundreds of apps in a matter of minutes
  • AI Builder – Incorporate AI into your app using pre-built models or training your own.

Microsoft Power Platform opens up a world of possibilities, and learning how to use it is easy.

  • Dona Sarkar, Dev Manager, Power Platform & Fusion Devs Advocacy, Microsoft
  • Greg Hurlman, Power Platform Traditional Dev Advocate Lead, Microsoft
  • Gomolemo Mohapi, Power Platform Student Dev Advocate Lead, Microsoft
  • Joe Camp, Power Platform Career Switchers Advocate Lead, Microsoft

Enroll in the course here:

imageMicrosoft is doing very well when it comes for Azure Active Directory, according to Gartner.

From Alex Simons, Corporate VP for Identity Program Management:

I’m proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) has been recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide.


    To read the entire post and to download the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant report, free of charge, visit:

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Azure Active Directory again a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

imageLearn how Azure Sentinel can consume security telemetry data directly from a 3rd Party SIEM like Splunk.

Why do we want to share this scenario? For some scenarios it makes sense to use data from 3rd Party SIEMs for correlation with available data sources in Azure Sentinel, also Sentinel can be used as single pane of glass to centralize all incidents (generated by different SIEM solutions) and finally you will probably have to deliver the side-by-side for a while until your security team will be more comfortable working within the new SIEM (Azure Sentinel).

Read the full blog post here:

Limageearn how to set up a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere using Windows Virtual Desktop. Plan, deploy, and optimize your virtual desktop environment to deliver Windows 10 desktops on any device—and reduce infrastructure costs.

Read the Packt Quickstart Guide to Windows Virtual Desktop to:

  • Plan for a successful deployment with technical configurations and steps to get started.
  • Explore the unique benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop, including advanced security and compliance features that help keep your apps and data secure.
  • Get troubleshooting tips and best practices.

Download the eBook for free here!

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