Credit Suisse is very bullish on Microsoft & says it will grow faster than it’s competitors, particularly as customers reach an inflection point where they move to PaaS services instead of just migrating VMs to the cloud.

imageIn a 67-page research report published on Thursday, Credit Suisse analyst Phil Winslow laid out in detail why he thinks Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) can grow Azure “faster and bigger” than what Wall Street expects. Winslow sees a shift unfolding in the way businesses are using the cloud that plays to Microsoft’s strengths.

My favorite line in this article: “We believe these levels of sustained growth and profitability are still not properly reflected in consensus estimates or valuation.”

Read the full article here:

imageQ: Why can’t I collaborate on a Microsoft Whiteboard from our Microsoft 365 GCC tenant with other organizations that have a Commercial tenant?

External collaboration only works when:

  • the tenant’s Whiteboard is on OneDrive for Business storage
    (This should be available as of March 31, 2022 for all NEW whiteboards)
  • the Office 365 administrators have enabled external Whiteboard sharing in Teams meetings
    (This requires administrator intervention)

For more information:

[I’ve had this talk so many times that I can’t remember if I’ve blogged it so here it goes]

There are 8 training solutions available for individuals interested in either Microsoft 365 or Azure:

(Note that this is training for Microsoft Cloud solutions only such as Azure, Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365/Power Platform. On-premises technology training for products like Windows Server, System Center, SQL Server, etc. are only available through Microsoft Certified Learning Partners.)

  1. [FREE] Microsoft Learn
    Anytime/On-demand | Self-paced | Public | Free | IT Professionals & End Users/Business Users
    On-demand library of self-paced training for both end users & IT Professionals on Microsoft 365, Azure, Business Solutions & Security.  Course range from 100-400 level & includes prep training for certifications.

  2. [FREE] Virtual Training Days
    Scheduled 1-2 days | Instructor-led | Public | Free | IT Professionals
    Trainings delivered usually over 1 day by instructors on a schedule for Microsoft 365, Azure, Business Solutions and Security. Courses range from 100-200 level & usually have 300-400 IT Professional students in them and so there is very little Q&A.
  3. [FREE] Virtual Workshops & Training
    Scheduled 1-day | Instructor-led | Public | Free | End Users/Business Users
    Open enrollment for business users (not IT Professionals) to learn at a basic 100-level how to use most Microsoft 365 & Business Solutions. Anyone may enroll in these courses & there is minimal Q&A as a result. 
  4. [CUSTOMER FUNDED] Certified Learning Partner Training
    Scheduled 1-5 days | Instructor-led | Public | Cost from $750-$3495 | IT Professionals
    These are open enrollment classes that any organization can join, delivered by Microsoft training partners.  They deliver Microsoft certified curriculum at 100-400 level with full instructor Q&A in small class sizes, with usually 50 or fewer students. They generally cover all Microsoft products however class availability & scheduling depends on the training provider.
    For a listing of available Microsoft Learning Partners visit:
  5. [MICROSOFT FUNDED] Customer Success Training
    Scheduled 1-day | Instructor-led | PRIVATE | FUNDED BY MICROSOFT | End Users/Business Users
    These are mutually scheduled 1 day private classes for groups of 15+ end users.  These are introductory 100 level classes for business users – not IT Professionals – to get the basics of a Microsoft 365 or Power Platform technology. Full Q&A is available and there are 40+ classes available, each with their own syllabus.
    (Note: This is only available to managed Microsoft customers with a certain number of Office 365/Microsoft 365 users. Contact your Microsoft Account team for details)
  6. [MICROSOFT FUNDED] Enterprise Skills Initiative
    Scheduled 1-5 days | Instructor-led | Public | FUNDED BY MICROSOFT | IT Professionals 
    These are mostly advanced Azure & Security classes delivered over 1-5 days by a Microsoft trainer on usually advanced 200-300 level topics.  Fully funded by Microsoft, this program provides a full 2 month schedule of classes to register in.
    (Note: This is only available to managed Microsoft customers with account teams that are have consumed a high level of Azure over a 12 month period & are successfully nominated for this benefit. Contact your Microsoft account team for details.)
  7. [UNIFIED CUSTOMERS ONLY] Unified Support On-Demand
    Anytime/On-demand | Self-paced | Public | Funded by Unified Support contract | End Users/Business Users/IT Professionals
    Over 1000+ only video recorded classes & on-demand labs are available on-demand for registered Unified Support “Service Hub” contacts.  Levels range from 100-400.
    All learning benefits are available at:
    On-demand Services Hub Catalog:,%22Values%22:%5B%22on-demand_videos%22%5D%7D%5D&workspaceId=e5cb58fd-5926-4020-a243-fbf827bcc9cc
    (Note: This is only available to customers with Unified Support contracts and those that have access to the Services Hub. Contact your Microsoft contract administrator to see if your organization has a Unified Support contract)
  8. [UNIFIED CUSTOMERS ONLY] Unified Support Workshops
    Scheduled 1-5 day | Instructor-led | PRIVATE | Funded by Unified Support contract | IT Professionals
    These are unique training opportunities that have open Q&A, are privately delivered to only one customer generally, and are exclusive to Unified Support customers.  The catalog of exclusive training workshops available is available below and consume “credit” from the organization’s Unified Support contract. Classes are instructor-led and restricted to usually ~30 students. 
    Download: BuiltIn Proactive Services List_05_12_2020.pdf
    (Note: This is only available to customers with Unified Support contracts and those that have access to the Services Hub. Contact your Microsoft contract administrator to see if your organization has a Unified Support contract)

Ninja-DefenderOffice365Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Ninja Training has been updated for June 2022.

We have published a few Microsoft Defender for Office 365 resources over the past few months, and these are now included in the Ninja Training. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is what has been added since the last release in January 2022.

Read more here:

Posted by: kurtsh | June 26, 2022

TRAINING: Microsoft Defender for Cloud – June 2022

Ninja-DefenderforCloudMicrosoft Defender for Cloud (formerly known as Azure Security Center and Azure Defender) Level 400 training – updated June 2022

This blog post has a curation of many Microsoft Defender for Cloud (formerly known as Azure Security Center and Azure Defender) resources, organized in a format that can help you to go from absolutely no knowledge in Microsoft Defender for Cloud, to design and implement different scenarios. You can use this blog post as a training roadmap to learn more about Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Read more here:

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RELEASE: Microsoft Whiteboard Help Hub

WhiteboardSupportNow available: Microsoft Whiteboard Help Hub!

Features, Guides, Help and more! Getting self-service help for Whiteboard has never been easier. Check it out & let us know what else you want to see added.

MNinja-DefenderCloudAppsicrosoft Cloud Apps Security (MCAS) has been renamed to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (MDCA), joining the "Microsoft Defender" family of products.  For more information about the change, please see this announcement.

In addition, here is our new short link for this blog post: 
Short Link:

Have you been wanting to secure your cloud resources? Do you have agreements with non-Microsoft cloud applications? Do you want to share your cloud security knowledge and experience with others? Wait no longer, the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Ninja training is here!

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps has hundreds of amazing videos available and it can sometimes be overwhelming with determining where to start and how to progress through different levels. We’ve gone through all these and created this repository of training materials – all in one central location!

Find the rest of the training here:

imageWhich assessment tool is right for you? Assess cost management of your workloads, boost business performance with your developers, identify gaps in governance.

Reduce research time for cloud adoption strategy in Azure with new assessment tools. There’s often a lot of room for optimization when you start to move your services to the cloud. Matt McSpirit, Microsoft Azure expert, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you how to build solutions the right way, with the least amount of trial and error.

Assessment tools can make it easier to find what you need to build or host your workloads in Azure with the right SLAs and help you to assess and close gaps on skill sets, stakeholder support, business KPIs and budget targets. We’ve packaged up the learning we’ve seen working with organizations. There are common patterns where your adoption strategy for the business can start to break down, and conversely, where they succeed. We’ve used these insights to inform our assessments which are part of our Cloud Adoption Framework — and they are completely free to use.

  1. The Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator – look at your current strategy and get broad recommendations as you make the case for building cloud-based solutions
  2. Azure Well-Architected Review – assess things like the reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security and performance efficiency of your workloads
  3. The Cloud Journey Tracker – find the best cloud adoption path based on your needs
  4. Developer Velocity – guidance to boost business performance with your developers The
  5. Governance Benchmark – identify gaps in your organizations current state of governance
  6. Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool – prepare for large scale cloud migrations

Watch the overview here:


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TRAINING: Azure Network Security Ninja Training

imageReady to become an Azure NetSec ninja? Dive right in!

In this blog post, we walk you through basic to advanced scenarios for Azure network security.

  1. The Basics
    1. Introduction to network security concepts
      1. Network security in Azure
      2. Web Application protection in Azure
    2. Introduction to Azure network security products
      1. Azure DDOS Protection Standard
      2. Azure Firewall and Azure Firewall Manager
      3. Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  2. Architecture & Deployments
    1. Standalone Deployments
      1. Azure DDoS Protection Standard
      2. Azure Firewall
      3. Azure Web Application Firewall
    2. Advanced Deployments
      1. On-Prem Hybrid
      2. vWAN (Secured Virtual Hub)
      3. vWAN (Secured Virtual Hub) with 3rd party SECCaaS
      4. Hub & Spoke
      5. Forced Tunneling with 3rd party NVAs
      6. Multi-product combination in Azure
      7. TLS inspection on Azure Firewall
      8. Per-site or Per-URI WAF policies on Azure Applications Gateway
  3. Operations
    1. Centralized Management
      1. Azure Firewall Manager and Firewall Policy
      2. Web Application Firewall (WAF) Policy
    2. Optimizing
      1. Web Application Firewall (WAF) tuning
    3. Governance
      1. Built-in Azure Policies for Azure DDos Protection Standard
      2. Built-in Azure Policies for Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)
      3. Restrict creation of Azure DDoS Protection Standard plans with Azure Policy
    4. Responding
      1. Azure Web Application Firewall
      2. Azure DDoS Protection Standard
  4. Integrations
  5. Hands on Labs
  6. Resource References

Dive into this training at this post here:

imageThe following are a list of phenomenal links to learning the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture & Zero Trust:

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