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To help my customers understand just what is included in the Secure Productive Enterprise E3/E5 suite(s), I’ve created a living spreadsheet that I occasionally use with my customers with collapsible rows for each suite component.

Every product or service is hyperlinked, so if you don’t know what it is, a simple click will lead you to it’s product page.  Every "X" I have showing what suite the product belongs to (on the right) will direct you to the page showing where the product is listed as licensed through that suite.

I’ve been told it’s very useful as a reference.  Hopefully it’ll be useful for you too.

(WARNING: It’s called "living" because I change this spreadsheet monthly and I may not have the most recent stuff posted here. At the time of this edit, I’m making DRAFT .08 available for download here.)

There’s also a licensing document from Microsoft Volume Licensing that may be useful to you.

imageAccording to a new study from Microsoft’s research organization, which analyzed anonymized data on people’s online activities and sleep behavior, a good night’s sleep really does help us do our best the next day, and a couple of bad nights of sleep could hurt us for days to come.

Here’s an excerpt of the summary:

For example, the web-scale study confirms previous lab-based research that shows individual cognitive performance varies throughout the day, aligning with circadian rhythms and so-called chronotype traits – early birds achieve peak performance earlier in the day than night owls. Whenever people wake up, they are sluggish for the first hour or two of their day, a phenomenon known as sleep inertia.

Across the board, keystroke and click speeds were slowest – by up to 31 percent – at 4 o’clock in the morning, an hour that previous research has shown that “your body thinks it should be sleeping,” said Althoff, who is pursuing a PhD in computer science at Stanford University.


“The alignment with lab-based studies on circadian rhythms around sleep and performance is stunning and suggests that we can take sleep research forward and learn new things,” Horvitz said.

The methods can be used to explore patterns of sleep deprivation and recovery, for example.

The study also shows that staying up an extra hour, even if followed by a full night’s sleep, is correlated with slower performance the next day. Going to bed an hour earlier than normal, however, has a negligible effect.

Read the summary here:

Download the complete research study here:

imageInstead of downloading your invoice every month, you can now opt-in to receive your invoice statement attached to your monthly billing email.

In addition, you can configure additional recipients for this email. Save time and send the invoice directly to your accounts payable department.

Read step by step instructions on how to configure this at the announcement post on the Azure blog here:

imageIn November 2015, we opened the Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) to bring together the company’s cybersecurity specialists and data scientists in a 24×7 facility to combat cyber adversaries.

In the year since opening, we have advanced the policies and practices that accelerate the detection, identification and resolution of cybersecurity threats, and have shared our key learnings with the thousands of enterprise customers who have visited the CDOC. Today, we are sharing a Cyber Defense Operations Center strategy brief that details some of our best practices for how we Protect, Detect and Respond to cyberthreats in real time.

Read more about Microsoft’s Best Practices for CyberSecurity here:

Download the Cyber Defense Strategy Brief here:

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RELEASE: Power BI Report Web Part in SharePoint Online

imageEarlier this month we released the Power BI report web part for SharePoint Online.

This is an out-of-the-box web part for SharePoint Online that enables SharePoint authors to embed Power BI reports directly in SharePoint Online pages with no code required.

Integrate Power BI reports in SharePoint Online

Taken from the announcement page:

The way the feature works is simple. Follow the process below to use this feature.

  1. Publish your Power BI report to your Power BI account 
  2. Get the URL to the report 
  3. Add the Power BI (preview) web part to your SharePoint Online page
  4. Paste the URL of the report when prompted
  5. To finish, save and publish your page!

What makes the web part special is that it does a number of things from a security & authentication standpoint:

  • The user’s account must have access to both the SharePoint site and the Power BI site.
  • The user’s security context is used to load the data from Power BI.  Only data that the user has access to is displayed.

Note: The Power BI report web part requires all the viewers to have a Power BI Pro license.

For more on this feature, including the link to the TechCommunity, go to the blog announcement:


Windows has evolved. Simplify Windows 10 management and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the Microsoft Cloud.

See how Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and Windows 10 can be used together to ease procurement, simplify provisioning and lower TCO through modern management & security, and deliver cloud-based updates without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.


Pre-register by February 28 for Microsoft Ignite — you’ll be able to jump the line and register on March 8th.


This event will deliver a combination of thought leadership content and technical knowhow – intended to educate and foster collaboration across the IoT ecosystem – hardware manufacturers, distributors, packaged software providers and software integrators.

Why attend?

  • Understand what it takes to build a world-class IoT solution – IoT in Action!!
  • Walk away with actionable knowledge around: Microsoft technologies, cloud economics & the business value of IoT solutions, device to cloud security
  • Hear from our panel of industry experts on how they have successfully built and monetized scalable IoT solutions
  • Connect and collaborate with representatives from across the IoT ecosystem who are looking for partnerships and investment opportunities across retail, industrial automation, healthcare, smart buildings, energy, security & surveillance and more

Who should attend?

This event is tailored for TDM’s (CTO, IT director, Product Managers) & BDM’s (IoT Strategist, Product/Service GM/VP/Director) across OEM’s, ISV’s, Distributors as well as Solution Aggregators (SA) and System Integrators (SI) who play a critical role in bringing point solutions together – will all gain immensely by attending this event.

imageI would like to invite you to join us in Seattle this June for the second annual Microsoft Data Insights Summit.

We’re welcoming Power BI users from around the world to meet with the BI engineering team, attend sessions and network with fellow data enthusiasts. Find out more now and register on the Microsoft Data Insights Summit site.

Don’t look now, but Microsoft’s Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions just blew past Tableau.


For the second year in a row, Microsoft has been positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision within the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms – the 10th consecutive year Microsoft has been positioned as a leader.

For more information, read announcement:

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