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INFO: Microsoft Purview “One Stop Shop” site

imageIntroducing the One Stop Shop for Microsoft Purview from Microsoft Customer Experience Engineering (CxE)

Easily find all relevant content and resources (videos, deployment guides, webinars, blogs) relating to the Microsoft Purview solutions, including:

  • Audit
  • eDiscovery
  • Communications Compliance
  • Compliance Manager
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Insider Risk Management
  • Data Lifecycle Management/REcords Management
  • Information Protection

Visit the site here:

imagePlease join us for Part 2 of our previous webinar, “Configuring EDM for Accurate Data Classification”, where we’ll dive into some advanced scenarios.

(Please be sure to watch the previous webinar prior to joining this session. You can find the recording here.)


imageWhen trying to protect sensitive data about known subjects such as customer or employee PII, Exact Data Matching – thanks to its ability to precisely target the right data with almost zero false positives if correctly configured – can be an extremely powerful tool.

In this session we will discuss how EDM works in detail, go over the deployment process, discuss possible caveats and pitfalls, and share advanced techniques for ensuring a successful deployment.

We will also give you a sneak peek at our upcoming EDM configuration wizard which brings in more friendliness and robustness to the configuration process.

imageDid you know we released a tool that can help you convert your workflows from SharePoint Server 2010 or 2013 workflows to Power Automate flows?

If your not sure if you need to do this check out our GitHub code to asses your on-premises farm.

If you plan to migrate to the cloud getting these workflows updated is a must do!

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BETA: Viva Goals now in Private Preview

imageIs your Microsoft 365-empowered organization looking to bring clarity to its objectives & key results?

Viva Goals is now in private preview and may be just what you’re looking for!

Today, we are excited to announce Microsoft Viva Goals, a new module for business goal setting and management, is now available in private preview. Powered by the acquisition of,2 a leading objectives and key results (OKR) company, Viva Goals brings purpose and alignment to Viva customers—alongside culture and communications, wellbeing and engagement, growth and development, as well as knowledge and expertise.

Read more at the announcement post:

imageThis seems to be lesser known even among IT professionals so reposting here for followers:

Synopsis: Microsoft will be decommissioning the Microsoft Store for Business in Q1 2023.  Access to the free apps in the existing Microsoft Store for Business moving forward will be available in Microsoft Intune’s ”Company Portal” & available to managed devices. (Win32, .NET, UWP, & PWAs)

Read more at the announcement post here:

imageThe other day, a customer asked me about using their Unified Enterprise Support agreement for their developer’s coding challenges.

It’s important to know that Unified Enterprise support is infrastructure-centric and that development support – coding, scripting, etc. – is something that needs to be added to a support agreement.

There are several additions or “Enhanced Solutions” that can be added to an existing Unified Enterprise support agreement:


Join this Security Week webinar to learn about Live Zero Trust enablement through monitoring & automation of IoT/OT environments.

Businesses are adding more cloud connection requirements to IoT/OT environments that were designed to be closed loops. In a truly air-gapped environment, most if not all communications between devices are considered trustworthy without extensive validation. With increased internet connectivity and the risks that come with it trust needs to be earned.

imageWanna see a great demo video?

Patriot Consulting & Microsoft delivered a live demo of "Microsoft Insider Risk Management (21min)" featuring Patriot Consulting founder Joe Stocker, Microsoft Security Technology Specialist TJ Fiske & Microsoft Sr Cybersecurity Architect Matt Soseman.

If you’ve never see what "Microsoft Insider Risk Management” does, this is a great overview in just 20 minutes.

imageMicrosoft Cloud Solutions Architect Richard Chapler wrote an eBook on Azure Data Solutions that’s available for free. 

It’s a colleciton of objectives with step-by-step instructions.  Here’s the table of contents:

  • Foreword
  • Prepare
    • Naming Convention
    • Infrastructure
  • Source
    • Migration from On-Prem
    • External Data
    • Simple Load
    • Incremental Load
    • Mount Data Lake
    • Sourcing from APIs
    • Batch Upsert
    • Synchronize Unstructured Data
  • Surface
    • Query from On-Prem
    • Detect Anomalies
    • Application+ AI
    • Audit Usage
  • Deploy
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
    • Source Control
    • Schema Comparison
    • Data Solution Deployment
    • Additional Templates
  • Govern
    • Discover Data
    • Classify Data
    • Understand Lineage

Get the eBook here:

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