imageJoin Lex Thomas and Ryan Berry as they go through a series of quick demos explaining what Windows Containers are, what you can do with them and how they can benefit you and your organization.

  • [0:52] What are Containers and why would I want to use them?
  • [5:20] DEMO: Running a Container with Windows Nano Server
  • [10:58] What is Docker Compose?
  • [18:52] DEMO: Deploying an Azure Container Service cluster
  • [31:30] Where can people go for more information on Containers?

View the recording here:

Posted by: kurtsh | October 24, 2016

EVENT: The Microsoft Windows 10 Event (Oct 26, 7AM PDT)


Apparently, we’re announcing some stuff.

Watch live Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00AM PDT online or on your Xbox One.

Click here to add the date/time to your calendar.

(Don’t ask me.  Srsly.  They don’t tell me anything.)

imagePre-registration for Microsoft Ignite is now open.

Sign-up now for early registration access and have first choice of hotels
in March. Join us at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, September 25 – 29, 2017

Check it off your to-do list by registering today.

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VIDEO: Security & Compliance in Office 365

Organizations are facing significant data overload with the amount of electronic data not only exploding but also getting more complex.

Advanced Data Governance in Office 365 will intelligently bring this information overload under control and support our customers’ ability to achieve organizational compliance.

Learn more at

How can my organization achieve intelligent compliance with Office 365

imageEver curious about how to use the eLearning Software Assurance benefit?

It turns out that there is a team that specializes in the Microsoft Online Learning program. They provide assistance to customers on how to access online learning courses and how to manage the portal. They also offer technical assistance in terms of issues with the online content in the site.

Since Online Learning is given as a benefit through Software Assurance, users would need to complete the first time enrollment using the Access Codes for eLearning which are obtained in the Volume Licensing Center site.

Note that the Online Learning team does not have direct visibility over customer’s agreement, so they are not be able to identify who manages an organization’s agreement.  Please contact your account team for that information.

Once these codes have been distributed to the users, they can sign up to Online Learning via the link below:

In case that the customer needs assistance regarding the Online Learning site, they may reach out to our team

Microsoft Online Learning
Phone: (800) 690-6555
Email: MLXSUPP at microsoft com
Hours: M-F 6:30am- 5:30pm Pacific Time

The first two attachments would guide first-time Administrators and Learners to complete their registration.

This is the Administrator Guide.

imageHave you ever found yourself stuck at the Outlook load dialog, where all it says is “Processing” forever, no matter how long you wait?

Try the following, which should load Outlook without addins and get your OST open:

  1. Right-click the Start button, and click Run.
  2. Type Outlook.exe /safe

Assuming it opens, close Outlook again and let it close your Outlook data files properly by waiting.  Then run Outlook again normally.

imageArtificial intelligence/visual cognition can learn & identify similar objects with differing characteristics to most-specifically classify them based on a large enough dataset.

…in other words, at Microsoft Cognitive Services, we can start recognizing what breed your dog is.  Take a look at “” as an example.

Read more here:

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EVENT: Microsoft Azure Camps & Events

AzureLogoInterested in Azure IT Camps, Azure Dev Camps, Azure Community Events and more? Check out what’s happening in your area.

For local meetups in your area around Azure, visit:


This guide breaks down the “why” and “how” for scenarios suited to the cloud with a focus on building apps using platform services available in Microsoft Azure.

The second half of the guide showcases the breadth and depth of the Azure platform and services designed to help developers make truly competitive and differentiated applications.

The intended audience for this guide includes:

  • Developers wanting to understand why Azure is the best cloud platform for creating applications and how to get started quickly based on the app you want to build today.
  • Technical leaders considering Azure to support new or existing application development.

Get the book here.

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INFO: Microsoft Government Cloud Eligibility

imageAt Microsoft, we’ve made a strong commitment to the U.S. Public Sector by delivering a complete Government Cloud solution that includes Azure Government, Office 365 Government, and CRM Online Government.

Our cloud, which we’ve named Microsoft Government Cloud, provides screened U.S. personnel, physical isolation, and assurances to Public Sector compliance. We are committed to maintaining appropriate validation criterion for our cloud to help protect the community.

This document provides an overview of our criteria and how it currently applies to our different cloud service offerings. As technology and compliance requirements change, we may update it.

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