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BETA: Viva Connections (Preview)

imageModern organizations need ways to connect their employees and bring together the numerous tools and applications they use to keep their businesses moving forward.

Earlier this month, we announced new experiences coming to Viva Connections. Today, these experiences are available for public preview. 

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imageYour Executive counts on your administrative leadership as digital information continues to flow at an increasing pace. Help your Executive realize a more rewarding way of working remotely with you, and the entire organization.

Come join an exclusive, digital gathering of high-level Executive Administrators to learn how modern tools can help simplify remote work, and ensure your Executive gets the right information at the right time, no matter where you are.

During this enlightening two hour event, a Senior Executive Admin to a Microsoft Executive will model ‘a day in the working life’ as enabled by Microsoft Teams and its remote capabilities. Below is the agenda for this customized, hands-on experience that’s designed to run like an in-person meeting.

To ensure you experience the full value of this event, be ready to turn on your camera, ask questions and participate in a group dialogue.


  1. Introduction
  2. Discovery session
  3. Setting the scene
  4. Modern Executive Administrator Deep Dive
  5. Immersive demo to help you envision what’s possible
  6. Q&A Closing, recap and next steps

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RELEASE: Azure AD-joined VMs support

imageWe’re pleased to announce that you can now join your Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machines directly to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and connect to the virtual machine from any device with basic credentials. You’ll also be able to automatically enroll the virtual machines with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

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imageJoin the team from Microsoft and Tallan to learn about the funded engagement DPi30 (a (Modern) Data Platform in 30 Days), and how it can benefit state and local government agencies, specifically!

As part of Microsoft’s Solution Assessment program, this data platform pilot is a fantastic way to test a use-case, and ‘try before you buy.’

Funded by Microsoft, taking advantage of DPi30 might just give you the chance to free up $15,000 of your infrastructure budget, or go bigger with your transformation plans!

During this live and engaging session the team will cover the following topics:

  • What this engagement is, and why it matters for state and local government
  • The process and what Microsoft, Tallan and your teams should bring to the table
  • The basic deliverables you can expect, like a live Azure landing zone, consolidated data sources, and Power BI reports to advance analytics capabilities
  • Real world success stories from this year for agencies like employment security departments, water authorities, and departments of health
  • Opportunity for Q&A with the Microsoft and Tallan team

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imageThis is an episode of the “Azure Security Center in the Field” video series dealing with the Regulatory Compliance Workbook, a

In this episode of Azure Security Center in the Field, Tal Cohen joins Yuri Diogenes to share the new Regulatory Compliance Workbook. Tal explains the intent of the workbook, when to use it, how to load it, and how to use it when you need to dig deeper to understand the changes that are occurring over time. Tal also demonstrate some important functionalities of the workbook and how to customize it.

  • 1:27 – The purpose of the Regulatory Compliance workbook?
  • 2:52 – Requirements to use this workbook
  • 3:37 – What to expect when loading the workbook with recent data
  • 4:19 – Is it possible to customize the workbook?
  • 4:48 – Demonstration
  • 9:48 – Final considerations on the usability of the workbook

Documentation below:

“Azure Security Center continually compares the configuration of your resources with requirements in industry standards, regulations, and benchmarks. Built-in standards include NIST SP 800-53, SWIFT CSP CSCF v2020, Canada Federal PBMM, HIPAA HITRUST, and more. You can select the specific standards relevant to your organization using the regulatory compliance dashboard. Learn more in Customize the set of standards in your regulatory compliance dashboard.

This workbook lets you track your compliance status over time with the various standards you’ve added to your dashboard.”

View this short 11min new episode of Azure Security Center in the Field below:

imageRegistration for Azure Serverless Conf is open! Join us on September 29 & 30 for a free, virtual developer event about building event-driven apps!

No matter where you are located, we want you to join us for the free, virtual developer event focused on building event-driven apps using Azure Serverless technologies. These technologies include Functions, Cosmos DB, Azure SQL DB, and Logic Apps. We look forward to unplugging with you, learning from experts, and connecting with the community. See you on Learn TV!


  • 09:00 AM – 09:30 AM PT
    Keynote: How the .NET Community Team Uses Serverless to Automate All the Things with Jon Galloway and James Montemagno
  • 09:30 AM – 10:00 AM PT
    A Media Processing Workflow with Azure Serverless with Braden Riggs and Jayson DeLancey
  • 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM PT
    Serverless Full-Stack Kickstart with Davide Mauri
  • 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM PT
    Building a Highly Scalable Game with Azure Serverless with LaBrina Loving
  • 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PT
    Battle Royale: Azure Logic Apps vs. Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) with Prashant G Bhoyar
  • 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM PT
    Surfacing FDA COVID Data Using Serverless Functions and CosmosDB with Charles Chen
  • 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM PT
    Working with Azure SQL DB Serverless with Carlos Lopez

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imageA preview release (0.46.0) of the Microsoft PowerToys has been released that includes a tool called “Video Conference Mute”:

Quickly mute your microphone (audio) and turn off your camera (video) with a single keystroke while on a conference call, regardless of what application has focus on your computer.

The PowerToys download is free for Windows 10 users.  Get it below by going to the link and downloading the PowerToysSetup-0.46.0-x64.exe from the GitHub page below:


Documentation is available below:

imageEndpoint DLP is currently available in Public Preview to customers’ tenants with Microsoft 365 G5, Microsoft 365 G5 Compliance, and Microsoft 365 G5 Information Protection and Governance.

Protecting sensitive data from risky or inappropriate copying, sharing, transfer, or use is a top priority for government organizations. Remote delivery of public services and data sharing across devices have created renewed emphasis on providing strong and coordinated protection on the endpoints government employees use every day.

To help government organizations accelerate their deployment of a comprehensive information protection strategy, we are announcing the public preview of Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to GCC, GCC High and DoD customers.

With Endpoint DLP, Microsoft 365 GCC, GCC High and DoD customers only need to create DLP policies once in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. They can then apply the policies to Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and now – to endpoints as well. All that is required is for the endpoint to be onboarded in their specific cloud environment using their established device management onboarding process.

For exhaustive details on the new availability of this service within Microsoft 365 E5, check out the following page:

image_62f57d86-7367-48d1-936d-0d10d98d38d620210917_170657Learn how Microsoft To Do can help you get organized and manage your tasks better. Join us for a live event and Q&A with the Microsoft To Do Product team on September 21, 2021.

AMA with the Microsoft To Do Product Team (VIRT067EXT)
Meet the To Do product team and get your questions answered about productivity, upcoming features and tips.

OpenSilver is an open source implementation of Silverlight that doesn’t require plug-ins.  It’s designed to help folks transition past the soon-to-be unavailable Silverlight – for folks that still have intranet solutions written that haven’t been recoded.

imageWith the browser industry shifting away from the plugins model, Microsoft Silverlight will soon reach the end of support, and the installer will no longer be available for download after October 12. Thousands of companies that relied on it for their Intranet applications are forced to rewrite them using other technologies, spending months or even years of man-hours, allocating critical resources that could be leveraged elsewhere, and risking ending up with applications that might have fewer features than the original ones.

OpenSilver is an open-source implementation of Silverlight that doesn’t require plugins. The technology has been in Technical Preview since March 2020 and is today being released in Beta. It provides a path forward for .NET developers and IT departments that still have legacy Silverlight applications. We envision two objectives for OpenSilver :

  • To provide an alternative to rewriting from scratch with another technology, and allow for the migration of legacy Silverlight applications in a short period of time while retaining all the features of the original applications.
  • To create a tool to build rich web applications from scratch using C# and XAML, with the efficiency and productivity of the Silverlight SDK.

Read more about the project here:

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