image“How do I know my employees are actually working at home?”

“How do I know they aren’t just goofing off while working remotely?”

“Can’t I just monitor their keyboard activity or Teams presence to see if they’re doing work?”

I’ve heard all these questions asked in the past 2-3 years and if you personally have ever asked any of these questions, this article is for you.  The answer to maintaining a healthy relationship between managers and employees with work-from-home policies is OKRs – or Objectives & Key Results.

This philosophy is simple: Make sure people have measurable outcomes they are accountable for & make sure they know what part they play in the organization’s mission or goals. Vetri Vellore, Microsoft’s Corp VP of Viva Goals says the following as part of an excerpt of his upcoming book on the topic:

I advocate an approach that uses three building blocks. Objectives are clear, inspiring goals. Whether at the company, department, or team level, an objective is where you are headed—your target. Key results are measurable outcomes, which should be ambitious but achievable, and quantifiable enough to lead to objective grading. And finally, key initiatives are the individual activities whose execution will impact performance on the defined objectives.

Read the rest of Vetri’s article here:


Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people asking if monitoring user’s keystrokes or Teams presence is a “silver bullet” for see, may I present to you, “Microsoft Awake”:  A free tool anyone can use to simulate activity to keep a workstation “online”.  There are also tools that can accomplish the same thing through a web browser.

imageAttending Identiverse 2022? Connect with us and hear what’s in store for the future of identity with Microsoft Identity Corporate VP, Alex Simons

Alex will be delivering a keynote address from 8∶30 AM to 9∶00 AM Mountain Time on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, in the Aurora Ballroom at the convention center. During his “Open Standards and the Identity Trust Fabric” keynote, he’ll share Microsoft’s vision for the future of identity, and highlight critical open standards efforts that will form the foundation of the identity trust fabric we need to secure  the hybrid, multicloud, decentralized world of tomorrow.

Psst. If you have something specific to discuss, you can apply to schedule a meeting with Microsoft’s executives here:

Read about the receptions, sessions, the booth & other ways to connect with Microsoft while at Identiverse 2022 here:

imageJoin us at the inaugural Microsoft Power Platform Conference in Orlando, Florida – September 20 – 22!

We can’t wait to learn, share, and create connections with Power Platform guiding the way. Early bird pricing is available until June 27.

A quick glimpse at some of the advertised speakers:


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INFO: “Azure AD: Which SSO Is The Right SSO?”

imageFor Azure AD administrators asking:

  • Do we need hybrid join?
  • Do we need Azure AD Seamless SSO?
  • Do we need both?
  • Can we configure both?
  • Why isn’t hybrid join listed as an SSO mechanism in the docs?
  • If hybrid join is preferred, why does Azure AD Seamless SSO mention seamless, isn’t it better?

If you need guidance on SSO for corporate owned & managed Windows devices that are joined to an Active Directory domain, the following article is for those that have their reasons to stay with hybrid join for the moment. Even though you should go cloud-native with Azure AD Join.

imageJoin Microsoft Corporate VP for Modern Work Jared Sparato at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, June 21–22, to hear about how to empower everyone in the new era of hybrid work.

Register here:

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RELEASE: Microsoft Defender for individuals

Now available: Microsoft Defender for individuals, a new online security application for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers.

imageThis seamless solution, which includes continuous antivirus and anti-phishing protection for your data and devices, will enable you to:

  • Manage your security protections and view security protections for everyone in your family, from a single easy-to-use, centralized dashboard.2
  • View your existing antivirus protection (such as Norton or McAfee). Defender recognizes these protections within the dashboard.
  • Extend Windows device protections to iOS, Android, and macOS devices for cross-platform malware protection on the devices you and your family use the most.3, 4
  • Receive instant security alerts, resolution strategies, and expert tips to help keep your data and devices secure.5

Read about this here.

imageWe are thrilled to announce that the ability to create dynamic groups based on the memberOf attribute is available in Public Preview!

This feature will help you better manage group memberships by allowing you to build dynamic Azure AD Security Groups and M365 groups based on other groups – create hierarchical groups with ease! For example, you can now create Dynamic-Group-A with members of Group-X and Group-Y.

Read more about this new feature here:

Looking to protect your organization from insider leaks?  With the increasing number of new staff and outgoing staff, insider risk in organizations has never been higher & poses the single greatest risk to an institution’s security.

Get trained on Microsoft Purview’s Insider Risk Management.

imageIn this Ninja page, we share the top resources for Insider Risk Management users to become more proficient with the Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management solution. 

We are very excited and pleased to announce this edition of the Ninja Training Series. There are several videos and resources available, and the overall purpose of the Insider Risk Management Ninja training is to provide the relevant resources to get started and become more proficient in this area.

After each section, there will be a knowledge check based on the training material you’ve just finished! Since there’s a lot of content, the goal of these knowledge checks is to help you determine if you were able to get a few of the major key takeaways. 

Lastly, this training will be updated on a quarterly basis to ensure you all have the latest and greatest material! We are continuously delivering product updates and thus you should check both the public roadmap and message center posts to stay up to date.

Let us know what you think below in the comments!

Latest Insider Risk blog is at:

Check it out here:

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INFO: Microsoft Purview “One Stop Shop” site

imageIntroducing the One Stop Shop for Microsoft Purview from Microsoft Customer Experience Engineering (CxE)

Easily find all relevant content and resources (videos, deployment guides, webinars, blogs) relating to the Microsoft Purview solutions, including:

  • Audit
  • eDiscovery
  • Communications Compliance
  • Compliance Manager
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Insider Risk Management
  • Data Lifecycle Management/REcords Management
  • Information Protection

Visit the site here:

imagePlease join us for Part 2 of our previous webinar, “Configuring EDM for Accurate Data Classification”, where we’ll dive into some advanced scenarios.

(Please be sure to watch the previous webinar prior to joining this session. You can find the recording here.)


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