Posted by: kurtsh | September 25, 2020

TRAINING: Azure Lighthouse: A unified control plane for managing Azure at scale

imageArchana Balakrishnan joins Scott Hanselman to show how Azure Lighthouse can manage hundreds of customers, thousands of subscriptions, and millions of resources from a unified control plane.

Azure Lighthouse helps deliver managed services with comprehensive and robust management tooling available in Azure.

Benefits include:

  • SINGLE SIGN ON – With a single ID, manage all your customers/departments & their subscriptions – instead of logging into each Azure environment with a different identity.
  • ONE CONSOLE – View all your managed customers from a single pane of glass
  • FLEXIBLE ROLES – Empower departments to select what rights/permissions to grant your organization (an individual or a group)_ as a manager of part/all of their Azure environment.
  • ON-PREM MANAGEMENT – Manage on-premises servers (through an agent installed on them)
  • ENFORCE POLICIES – Establish and assign policies to ensure adherence to rules & identify systems that are not compliant
  • MONITOR COMPLIANCE – Aggregate & view policy compliance, health issues & severity across all subscriptions
  • DEPLOY WORKBOOKS – Apply administrative workbooks – like Backup – to identify who’s being backed up, which subscriptions have backups have failed, etc.

Video table of contents:

Learning more about Azure Lighthouse:

Watch the full overview & video demonstration here:


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