Posted by: kurtsh | September 25, 2020

TRAINING: Azure SQL Bootcamp (On-demand)

imageWe recently published an amazing series of videos that go over Azure SQL soup to nuts from installation to security to high availability to performance to everything in between.

Here’s the chapters:

  • Introduction to Azure SQL Deployment and Configuration | Azure SQL Bootcamp (Session 1)
    Starting with a brief history of why and how we built Azure SQL, you’ll then learn about the various deployment options and service tiers, including what to use when. This includes Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL managed instance and SQL Server in Azure VMs. Understanding what Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) encompasses and how it compares to the SQL Server “box” will help level-set what you get (and don’t get) when you move to the cloud.
    We’ll then get in to covering deployment, configuration, and other getting started related tasks for Azure SQL. You’ll learn how you should plan for deployment, deploy, and verify your deployment, and how it compares to SQL Server. Then, you’ll learn how deploying and configuring databases compares, plus some insights on loading data.

  • Secure Azure SQL and Deliver Consistent Performance | Azure SQL Bootcamp (Session 2)
    Ensuring security and compliance of your data is always a top priority. You’ll learn how to use Azure SQL to secure your data, how to configure logins and users, how to use tools and techniques for monitoring security, how to ensure your data meets industry and regulatory compliance standards, and how to leverage the extra benefits and intelligence that is only available in Azure. We’ll also cover some of the networking considerations for securing SQL.
    You’ve also been responsible for getting your SQL fast, keeping it fast, and making it fast again when something is wrong. We’ll show you how to leverage your existing performance skills, processes, and tools and apply them to Azure SQL, including taking advantage of the intelligence in Azure to keep your database tuned.

  • Deploy Highly Available SQL Solutions & Solve Real-world Scenarios | Azure SQL Bootcamp (Session 3)
    Depending on the SLA your business requires, Azure SQL has the options you need including built-in capabilities. You will learn how to translate your knowledge of backup/restore, Always on failover cluster instances, and Always On availability groups with the options for business continuity in Azure SQL. In the final activity, we’ll validate your Azure SQL expertise with a challenging problem-solution exercise. We’ll then broaden your horizons to the many other opportunities and resources for personal and corporate growth that Azure offer.

Access the training list here:


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