Posted by: kurtsh | May 31, 2021

RELEASE: Office Scripts for Excel on the Web

imageOffice Scripts is generally available. Office Scripts is an automation feature-set in Excel for the Web that allows users with all levels of programming experience to automate their repetitive workflows.

Basically, if you regularly acquire an Excel spreadsheet that you need to reformat (hiding columns, set conditional formatting on cells, add charts, etc.):

  1. Office Scripts can record the settings you apply.
  2. The script is saved to OneDrive.
  3. The user can edit the script directly within Excel for the Web using the built-in Code Editor
  4. The script can be rerun on on future spreadsheets, applying all your formatting & changes

Office Script is available for Office 365 E3/E5. (Note: Office Scripts is not available for GCC/non-commercial clouds & there is no immediate roadmap – yes, I’ve pinged the Program Manager)

For a demo on how this is done:

Read more about the release here:


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