Posted by: kurtsh | May 28, 2021

RELEASE: Power Apps Developer Plan

Today, Microsoft announced the new “Power Apps Developer Plan”, unveiled at Microsoft Build 2021.

  • All the features
  • All the Dataverse
  • All the sharing
  • Free for dev and test.


Power Apps Developer Plan

What’s included
You get a free developer environment to develop and test apps, including support for premium and custom connectors, Dataverse, and additional developer environments.

  • Power Apps—Create and test unlimited apps with Dataverse and premium connectors.
  • Power Automate—Automate workflows between applications and services.
  • Dataverse—Build a data model that all your apps can use.
  • Connect Your Data—Connect to data sources using connectors or with Custom APIs.
  • Pick your tool—Use Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Azure services to create the solutions you need.

The Power Apps Developer Plan is restricted to building and testing apps to validate prior to production. To distribute apps for production purposes, choose a plan from the Power Apps pricing page.


Note:  There are a few limitations: (So people don’t use Developer Plan for production use)

  • All users on this plan will see a banner saying the app is in dev/test when using.
  • The environments will have infra limits that are plenty for user testing but not prod scale (no HA/DR, about 2 millions rows max, deleted after inactivity, etc)

For details on how to take advantage of this new offer, visit:


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