Posted by: kurtsh | May 31, 2021

INFO: Terraform AzureAD Provider Now Supports Microsoft Graph

imageVersion 1.5.0 of the Terraform AzureAD provider lets you manage your Azure Active Directory resources using the Microsoft Graph API.

Microsoft Graph is a unified API for accessing Azure Active Directory and the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. In addition to the new Microsoft 365 functionality, it replaces the Azure Active Directory Graph API, which is scheduled to be deactivated in June 2022. Ahead of this timeline, we are pleased to announce support for Microsoft Graph in the Terraform AzureAD provider, offering immediate benefits to practitioners.

  • Microsoft Graph produces faster response times than Azure Active Directory Graph and completes asynchronous actions more quickly.
  • It returns more up to date information from Azure Active Directory, reducing the likelihood of consistency-related errors during a Terraform apply operation.

For more information, read the following:


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