Posted by: kurtsh | March 21, 2017

INFO: Azure Active Directory Engineering Team “Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA)” Archive


Damn. I missed this.

Apparently, the Azure Active Directory engineering team did an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit On March 9th from 10AM-1PM PST.

Here’s a few of the many, many questions they answered:

  • “ETA on Azure Active Directory Domain Services in ARM?”
  • “Any cool new AAD-Joined device features in the pipeline?”
  • “When we can expect self service reset to be available from the windows lock screen?”
  • “Why doesn’t the Authenticator App say what you are trying to authenticate?”
  • “I have O365 and have just purchased EMS/Azure AD Premium, what should I do next?”

Yeah, I’m ticked I missed this and even more ticked I didn’t get to share it with y’all before it happened.

Here’s the archive of the AMA for your own viewing:

Here’s the video from the product team about Azure Active Directory:

Azure Active Directory: Protect your business, empower your users


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