Posted by: kurtsh | March 21, 2017

EVENT: “The 360 on Innovative Applications” –Irvine, CA, March 28th (Other cities available)

Taken from the registration site:

imageCustomers and employees quickly judge the health and relevance of organizations based on their application experience.  Because of this, it’s never been more important to ensure that the most stunning, innovative and insightful applications are being designed, released, maintained and continuously improved.

Microsoft technologies support a holistic environment that can succinctly deliver the most intelligent applications, streamlined operations, and an IT platform that allows you to create a new breed of applications. Being able to successfully combine DevOps, mobile + web application development, and intelligence can produce truly innovative applications that can drive these successes and gain/maintain customer and employee loyalty.

This event will provide you with the insight to optimize your development, IT operations, and data departments, turning them from cost centers into innovation centers. Let us help you enable a robust application platform that can support your next generation of innovative applications.


Sr. Development, IT and Data Professionals who are interested in identifying how they can move their organization forward by implementing DevOps practices, tools and adoption of the newest application architecture and functionality that can differentiate their organization from their competitors.

We suggest that you forward this to your colleagues who would be working with you on implementing this transformation.

Please note:  This is ‘NOT’ a hands-on lab boot camp.



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