Posted by: kurtsh | March 21, 2017

BETA: Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner for VMware

imageWith large enterprises deploying Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as their trusted Disaster Recovery solution to protect hundreds of virtual machines to Microsoft Azure, proper deployment planning before production rollout is critical. Today, we are excited to announce the Public Preview of the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner. This tool that helps enterprise customers to understand their on-premises networking requirements, Microsoft Azure compute and storage requirements for successful ASR replication, and test failover or failover of their applications. In the current public preview the tool is available only for the VMware to Azure scenario.

  • The Deployment Planner can be run without having to install any ASR components in your on-premises environment.
  • The tool does not impact the performance of the production servers, as no direct connection is made to them. All performance data is collected from the VMware vCenter Server/VMware vSphere ESXi Server which hosts the production virtual machines.

For more information on the Public Preview or to download the tool, visit:


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