Posted by: kurtsh | August 11, 2016

INFO: Anatomy of a Breach: The Phases of a Infrastructure Break-in

imageMicrosoft has posted an explanation of each of the subtle vectors & phases of a security breach in a business or organization:

  • Phase 1: The Break-In
  • Phase 2: The Inside Man
  • Phase 3: Spread Out
  • Phase 4: The Long Con

In each phase, how a criminal proceeds, what they take advantage of, and why they take action is explained – along with specific solutions from Microsoft that help mitigate these threats and explain why Microsoft’s made the investments it’s made over the last decade in security.

To read the “Anatomy of a Breach” and better understand how Microsoft is committed to helping you secure your organization, start with the link below:

For more details on Microsoft technologies that safeguard your infrastructure, visit:


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