Posted by: kurtsh | March 9, 2016

REPORT: Total Economic Impact of Office 365 for the Enterprise

imageWhat is the Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise Customers?

Forrester worked with Microsoft to analyze the total economic impact that Office 365 has on a number of its customers, who shared these business challenges and objectives:

  • “We were reaching a tipping point with over half of our system users being mobile users.  All roads lead to mobile first and we needed to support it through the cloud”
  • “Moving to Office 365 is part of an overall program to cut support costs in half.  to do that we needed to move to a more of a consumer style support model.”
  • “Business executives asked “how can we reduce IT costs and increase productivity?”

Conclusions included:

  • ROI / IRR
  • Payback Time
  • NPV

For an infographic that summarizes all conclusions as well as the ability to download the original report from Forrester at no cost, visit:


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