Posted by: kurtsh | March 10, 2016

HOWTO: Stop OneDrive for Business from hanging during attempts to sync files

imageIf you’ve used OneDrive for Business (OD4B), and you’re using the old Windows sync client, you might notice that occasionally due to what looks like some sort of conflict during an attempt to sync a file and the user’s actions DURING the sync process… a file or directory may “hang” and just continuously attempt to sync in an never ending loop.

In other words, it looks like OD4B is just constantly trying to sync that file or folder but it never seems to complete.  You never get that satisfying “green checkmark” next to the files/folder & OD4B’s system tray icon continuously looks like it’s syncing.

This is what has worked for me, in order to get the sync to complete.  (Note: This problem doesn’t seem to happen with the new OneDrive for Business Next Generation sync client)

  1. Go to either your OneDrive for Business sync folder or your SharePoint sync folder.  This is usually something like: 
    c:\users\yourname\OneDrive – Microsoft
  2. Look for the file or folder causing the sync hang.  Navigate through the folder structure until you find the ONE file or folder that’s the root of the hang.
  3. Move the file/folder in question to somewhere on your drive that is not being synced.  For example, your desktop or your Videos folder.
  4. Right mouse click the file or folder and copy it.
  5. Wait for OD4B to sync.  This should finally stop the system tray icon from indicating that a sync is happening.
  6. Paste it back to the original folder or location.
  7. Wait for OD4B to sync.  This should initiate another sync between your PC & the cloud to replicate the newly copied file.  The sync should complete successfully:  The file should have a green checkmark next to it and the system tray OD4B icon should stop syncing.
  8. Delete the copy of the file you MOVED to you machine on your desktop or in the video folder.


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