Posted by: kurtsh | March 9, 2016

BETA: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

At the RSA Conference, we announced a new service designed to proactively monitor your machines for intrusions & threats.

imageTo help protect our enterprise customers, we are developing Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a new service that will help enterprises to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks. Building on the existing security defenses Windows 10 offers today, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection provides a new post-breach layer of protection to the Windows 10 security stack. With a combination of client technology built into Windows 10 and a robust cloud service, it will help detect threats that have made it past other defenses, provide enterprises with information to investigate the breach across endpoints, and offer response recommendations.

Here’s a video explaining the goals of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection:

Announcing Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

For more details on the new features of the upcoming Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service, read the rest of the announcement here:


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