Posted by: kurtsh | March 9, 2016

BETA: Azure Container Service Preview

Interested in Docker Containers?  So are we!  Container support is being built into Windows Server 2016 but Microsoft’s first support for it is in Azure, by way of the Azure Container Service.

imageIn today’s cloud-first world, businesses increasingly rely on applications to fuel innovation and productivity. We are seeing more and more technologies that are specifically designed for the cloud to take advantage of the associated flexibility and scalability it allows. Containers are emerging as an attractive way for developers to quickly and efficiently build and deploy these “born in the cloud” applications.

This week, Microsoft announced the Azure Container Service preview to help customers deploy and manage containers using their favorite tools. Azure Container Service optimizes the configuration of popular open source tools and technologies specifically for Azure, delivering an open solution that offers portability for both your containers and your application configuration. You select the size, the number of hosts, and choice of orchestrator tools, and Container Service handles everything else.

Read the announcement here:


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