Posted by: kurtsh | January 5, 2016

TOOL: Verizon Wireless Text Messaging from Windows Desktop – FREE (3rd Party)

imageProps to David Gewirtz for digging up this gem for Verizon Wireless subscribers but there’s a tool called Verizon Wireless Message+ that enables you send & receive SMS text messages from your Windows desktop.

It adds an icon to your system tray that allows easy access and pops up toast notifications when you receive inbound text. 

On the downside, it maintains it’s own contact list/database of names-to-phone numbers.  You can import stuff but the only import source is Verizon Wireless’ backup tool for contacts which I never use. Basically, I’ve been manually entering people’s names to map to phone numbers as they come in.

On the upside, it’s extremely fast.  It’s actually much faster than using your phone.  And it’s totally FREE.

If you use Windows, grab it here.

Here’s David’s article from ZDnet on the tool which has a bit more about it:


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