Posted by: kurtsh | January 4, 2016

DOWNLOAD: Free eBook, “The DevOps Perspective” (3rd party)

imageA new eBook has been compiled by The famous Don Jones over at called “The DevOps Perspective”.  Quote the authors:

We’ve recently released a new, free eBook entitled DevOps: The Ops Perspective. So much of the DevOps conversation centers around software development – Agile methodologies and so on – that we wanted to step back and take a look at what IT Operations needs to bring to the table. DevOps, after all, isn’t “no Ops,” and so this short book is designed to give Operations some perspective on their role in the new world order.

It’s available in .PDF, ePub, Word, HTML, Word .DOC, text, etc. however there is a documented warning about .PDF:

“PDF Users: Penflip’s PDF export often doesn’t include the entire ebook content. We’ve reported this problem to them; in the meantime, please consider using a different format, such as EPUB, when you’re downloading the book.”

I recommend .DOC.  You can then PDF the thing if you wish.  Or republish to Kindle MOBI for you Kindle users like me.


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