Posted by: kurtsh | July 8, 2014

NEWS: Microsoft joins the AllSeen “Connected Home” Alliance (a.k.a. “Begun, the Home Wars have”)

imageFor those of you into “home automation”, controlling your home’s lights, locks, appliance, air conditioning, security, and other elements wirelessly and over the Internet, you’ll want to read this latest announcement:

The AllSeen Alliance is located here:

You may notice that the AllSeen Alliance is distinctly open source & in particular, Linux-charged.  The post above explains where Microsoft’s role in this is:  Among our contributions to the AllSeen Alliance is our massive cloud infrastructure one of the only worldwide networks that provide Internet scale, flexibility & programmability that can aggregate & analyze the incredible amount of information that the Internet of Things targets.

One thing’s for certain:  The Consumer Electronics Expo in Jan 2015 sure is gonna be interesting.  South Hall 1,2 – which, in this blogger’s opinion – is usually the rag tag, rather hodge podge, disorganized battleground for home automation at CES, is gonna be really interesting with AllSeen suddenly backing the effort.  Usually dominated by the division of Z-Wave vs Zigbee, I think we’re gonna see a sudden & very loud shake up of the industry with the backing of big players in this market such as Qualcomm, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, & Microsoft.


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