Posted by: kurtsh | July 8, 2014

NEWS: Microsoft acquires SyntaxTree – makers of the UnityVS plug-in for Visual Studio

imageThis is big news for Visual Studio developers.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine that is very widely adopted by game developers and allows for targeting desktops, consoles, mobile devices, and the web – including Windows Store (Win8) and Windows Phone.

From Microsoft CVP Developer Division, Soma Somasegar:

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we are acquiring SyntaxTree, the developers of the UnityVS plugin for Visual Studio.

UnityVS enables Unity developers to take advantage of the productivity of Visual Studio to author, browse and debug the code for their Unity applications. Already today, dozens of the biggest names in game development rely on Visual Studio and the UnityVS plugin.

With this acquisition, we have the opportunity to integrate this support for Unity even more deeply into Visual Studio, and to continue to push forward Visual Studio’s support for game developers.  Microsoft will also make the existing UnityVS plugin available for free on our download site shortly.



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