Posted by: kurtsh | July 8, 2014

DOWNLOAD: “Microsoft Azure for Enterprises – What & Why?” by David Chappell of Chappell & Associates

imageOne of my favorite presenters is a gentleman named David Chappell, an independent industry speaker & technology advisor around current trends that are of importance to Enterprise companies.

He is especially well-versed on Cloud technologies and has done thorough analysis of all the major players including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.

He recently did a Microsoft Azure presentation at the Cloud Expo and graciously published his slides for public consumption.  This provides folks with an independent 3rd party view on Microsoft’s offering in the PaaS & IaaS space… but presented without the gratuitous “marketing” and in a manner that is easily digestible.

I highly encourage folks to take advantage of the opportunity to download David’s slides.  They’re really good.


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