Posted by: kurtsh | October 5, 2012

VIDEO: “O Brave New World”: Bungie’s 20th Anniversary Documentary

Halo fan?  You ought to check this out:  The backstory of Bungie.  For those of you that remember Marathon, the announcement of Halo by Steve Jobs, the acquisition by Microsoft, etc.  You’ll love it.

“O Brave New World”: Bungie’s 20th Anniversary Documentary (55 min)

“To cap off Bungie’s 20th Anniversary festivities, the team has assembled a near hour long documentary covering the studio’s past, present, and future. Featuring insight from the team — including their ever illusive Creative Director, Jason Jones — and interviews from key industry veterans and luminaries, "O Brave New World" is both a celebration of Bungie’s legacy and a love letter to the community of gamers who have embraced Bungie’s games for two incredible decades.”


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