Posted by: kurtsh | October 5, 2012

TOOL: “Travel Add-in for Outlook 2010”: Automatically adding DriveTime for appts to your Outlook 2010 calendar (3rd party)

imageThe Travel-Time add-in from Instyler is compatible with Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 and uses the mapping service from Bing. It adds a directions button to the appointment/meeting window. It also allows you to automatically add traveling time for your appointments and to generate travel expensive reports.

When pressing the Directions button, the add-in uses your predefined address and the location field of the appointment or meeting to get the directions. The nice thing of this add-in is that this is being done directly in the appointment or meeting window and does not launch an external browser. This mapping is being done via Bing Maps.

imageThe main feature of this add-in is being able to set the travelling time needed to reach the location of the appointment or meeting. It has also a feature to calculate this automatically for you in the background (via OpenRouteService). When moving around the appointment/meeting in your calendar, it moves the traveling time block with it.

Automatically creating travel expense reports in Excel comes in handy when you do not have to pay for your own traveling. The Excel template can be customized to for instance to match the company’s template and to only view the information that you want.

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