Posted by: kurtsh | November 24, 2011

INFO: A workaround for my Samsung Series 9 loosened power adapter jack

Yesterday something weird happened.  I pulled out my OEM Samsung Series 9 DC power adapter from my laptop bag (the adapter that came with the laptop initially) and plugged it in… only to discover that it didn’t ‘stick’ firmly into the laptop’s power port.  The power adapter’s DC jack that I normally plug into the laptop’s power port loosely hung in there and while it did in fact start to charge the laptop, it easily fell out of the port when anything touched the power cable.  I initially used electrical tape to hold the jack into the power port, if you can believe that.

This is a problem if you’re, say, sitting on a couch with your laptop and need to have it plugged in.  Having the power adapter fall out of the port easily is not cool because you kinda depend on the port to charge your device while you’re working on it.

I examined the Samsung Series 9’s power port and I found that with a magnifying glass and a mag light, sure enough, a metal connector that normally holds the power adapter jack in place in the laptop appeared to not do it’s job any more. 

Honestly, I have no idea how to fix this.

Good news!  I found a workaround.  It’s kinda lousy but I think it’s worth writing about in case others run into this. 

I found a 3rd party power adapter for the Samsung Series 9 that STILL WORKS when the laptop’s power port is “loosened”.  It’s a backup power adapter that I bought off of eBay for $19 and I referred to it in a previous post about the Samsung Series 9 accessories available on the Internet.

Besides the fact that it holds in place, even when my original OEM power adapter doesn’t, it’s good to have a backup power adapter in the event I lose the original.

I guess, given that it’s Thanksgiving, that I should be thankful that I have a power adapter that still connects into my laptop so that I can post this blog entry while travelling… but it is something of a bummer being that I really liked the old power adapter’s portability.

Oh well.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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