Posted by: kurtsh | November 24, 2011

INFO: MicroSD Flash Memory Card for Samsung Focus Windows Phone

imageFor the past year, there’s a been a ton of questions about what MicroSD Flash Card will properly work in the Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7.

The Samsung Focus is a special Windows Phone 7 device in that it has a user-accessible MicroSD Flash slot that will allow the user to expand the storage on the phone.  This comes with 2 VERY BIG caveats:

    The MicroSD Flash card used must have minimal Access Latency.  This should not be confused with the memory card class or “access speed”.  The precise details behind this are a little blurry and I don’t believe well documented however as I understand it the MicroSD Flash card used needs to have a very low latency for access response times.  There is apparently no way to determine this performance before purchasing and no means by which people can guarantee that they are getting a memory card that will work without testing it themselves.  Just because you have a Class 10 memory card doesn’t mean it will work.
    …so yes, this means that this is a crapshoot.  I’m told that even specific brands & card models can vary, so just because one card works for one person, doesn’t mean that another card purchased by someone else will work for another.
    The MicroSD Flash card must be installed before the phone is first turned on.  It cannot be added after.  If the phone is turned on, it needs to be hard reset (SETTINGS –> ABOUT –> RESET) in order to recognize the memory.  The reason for this is the memory is actually aggregated/combined with the 8GB of storage that is already onboard.  So if one adds 16GB of MicroSD Flash, the total memory on the device that is recognized is 24GB.

I recently found an awesome little MicroSD Flash card directly from  It’s a 16GB Class 10 MicroSD Flash card that is cobranded as an Amazon Basics card and I bought it to give it a try in my Samsung Focus.

I’m happy to say that I’ve tested a couple of these cards now on two different Samsung Focus’ and they both worked brilliantly

And I didn’t just install the card, reset the phone, and go “Whoa.  It worked.”  I actually made sure that I USED THE CARD. I really loaded up the device (and thus, the installed card) with 20GB of data – i.e. I made sure that I used the storage that I’d installed and had a great experience.  No slow down in device performance, no laggy response time when accessing media files or applications that I downloaded.

Just expanded storage.

I got the card from at the link below for $32.99.  It may sound a little pricey for this capacity of storage but I assure you that this is not only a good deal for a Class 10, high performance MicroSD Flash card, but it’s also a great deal for a card that has worked (at least for me) to expand the Samsung Focus.

Just thought some of you would like to know what memory card worked for me.


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