Posted by: kurtsh | September 14, 2009

BETA: BING Visual Search goes public!

image Already getting great reviews, BING has released the beta of Visual Search, a method by which people search for content based on visualization instead of text.

Powered by Silverlight, BING Visual Search provides a GUI like environment for discovering search results for specific categories of searches.

  • Digital Cameras
  • Dog breeds
  • Movies in theatres
  • New cars
  • Popular celebrities
  • Popular TV shows
  • Top songs
  • US politicians
  • NFL players
  • Popular books

Try it out today!

Here’s a quote from TechCrunch:

When you resort, the images fly around the screen to find their new positions. The visual search acts as a showcase for Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, which makes the animations and visual rendering possible.

“The whole concept,” says Mehdi, “is that the world of search will change. There will be a more graphic way people will search, and it will pivot how people search.”

The judges were impressed with his demo. Ron Conway noted, “I think the huge winner here will be consumers because competition breeds innovation, and this nice little battle between Google and Microsoft is fantastic for consumers.”

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