Posted by: kurtsh | September 11, 2009

DOWNLOAD: SQL Server 2008 System Views Map

image I didn’t know we’d posted this but better late than never I suppose.

In early January, we posted the soft copy of our SQL Server 2008 System Views map poster.  This map shows the key system views included in SQL Server 2008, and the relationships between them.

The map is similar to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 version and includes updates for the new and updated the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 features such as resource governor, extended events, full-text search, and others.

Want a Hard Copy?
Yup.  I have hard copies of this poster.  If you’re a customer of mine and you’re interested in having a glossy copy of the poster, ping me with your name, mailing address (no PO Boxes please), and phone number (required for FedEx) and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.

DOWNLOAD:  SQL Server 2008 System Views Poster

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