Posted by: kurtsh | September 16, 2009

RELEASE: Zune HD & Zune Client 4.0 moves to the Cloud

image Zune HD goes on sale starting today, and with it comes Zune 4.0, which uses cloud computing to let customers seamlessly move between watching video and listening to music on their Zune HD and on their PC or their TV.

Anyone holding the Zune HD right out of the box will quickly notice that it has received a significant makeover, boasting an organic-LED (OLED) screen, high-definition video output to televisions, HD radio, and a touch screen that allows for easy navigation through intuitive menus. Other new features include an Internet Explorer browser; QuickPlay; a new menu that puts your favorite content, latest downloads, and recently viewed files right in front of you; and Artist View, where you can easily find more information about an artist including a biography, a discography, and photos.

With Zune 4.0, customers will be able to access their music and video in more places than the new OLED screen, though. The software delivers the Zune experience on the PC, where users can organize music or download new songs from the marketplace. With a Zune Pass, users don’t even need the software to access great content. They can sign in on from any PC and instantly start playing their favorite music. 

Starting this fall, the Zune service will expand to the nearly 20 million Xbox 360 LIVE users. That means Xbox 360 users soon will be able to buy or rent movies for the console using the Zune service and later download the files onto their Zune device or Windows-based PC for no extra fee. The new collection for Xbox 360 users will include an extensive library of music videos available for download to the Zune.

LINK:  Zune HD Product Site


LINK:  “New in Zune 4.0”

DOWNLOAD:  Zune Client Software 4.0

(Note that Zune 4.0 software may be implemented on existing Zune devices)


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