Posted by: kurtsh | July 23, 2006

NEWS: Zune – It lives… Microsoft’s iPod competitor.

Dear Apple:  It’s officially ON.  We’re goin’ head to head.  Get ready to get busy.
At our national sales meeting this week, Steve Ballmer threw it out on the floor and said, we’re goin’ to take on the 600lb gorilla of media players ourselves.  It seems that no one else can stand up to them.  Not Sony, not Creative, not iRiver, not Toshiba, not Samsung… no one. 
Except us.
We’ve got the only next gen video game console in the world.  We’ve got Media Center PCs.  We’ve got the richest integration with cameras.  We’ve got online services and we’ve got the strongest stable of developers on tap that you can shake a stick at.
We’ve hired the original Apple Macintosh user interface designers.   We’ve got a patent on the user interface that the iPod uses.  We’ve got our own media format, our own DRM, and our own consumer software for synchronization, ripping, and playback of audio, video, pictures, and event. 
And we’ve got millions of existing Windows Media Player users that are going to suddenly discover that with a click of the button, all their music will be transfered to a nice little device called "Zune".  And they won’t have to install any new software because it’ll work really nicely with Windows.
That’s right.  No more having to install the iTMS monster.
Oh yeah.  We’ve got our own music store.  We’ve got partners for accessories like Altec Lansing and Bose and Harmon Kardon and JVC and a bazillion other folks that are good friends with us because they’re tired of Apple’s dictatorship and frankly look forward to our co-marketing with them.  Oh, and we’ve got distribution channels.  We’ve got a worldwide sales force and we make more money for consumer electronics stores than Apple does every day.
And now we’re taking Apple on with all that and a few other soon-to-be-announced surprises.  And you know what the sick part of it all is?  This is just the FIRST of several announcements we’re gonna make in general that’s just gonna set the world afire.
Microsoft just ate the power pellet.  Run Clyde run.
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