Posted by: kurtsh | July 25, 2006

RELEASE: Live Toolbar released. Includes great mapping capabilities.

The Live Toolbar plugin for Internet Explorer is now It has some nice features, including a number of mapping related tools:

 1. Recognize addresses on a web page and map all of them at once. This is great when you are at a with a bunch of addresses and you want to see them all on a map at once to compare them. with one click in Live Toolbar the addresses are passed to Live Local as a new scratchpad. You can view them, save them as a Collection, or share them with a friend. See the OSF screenshot below. One thing i really like about this feature is that the recognizer apparently is parsing the DOM in realtime, so it is compatible with AJAX sites, web forms and web editors! It not only parses the initially loaded page, but if an Asynchronous call is made to the server that delivers address information to the web page, they appear in the dropdown list as well.

 2. Get interactive inline maps on any web page. with Toolbar installed, whenever you highlight some text on a webpage a smart menu appears with a list of ways to operate on the selected text. if the text you selected is a street address, one of the choices will be to see a map right there on the webpage without having to surf off to a mapping site. very convenient!

Here is a list of features in the toolbar.


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