Posted by: kurtsh | July 22, 2006

NEWS: Microsoft acquires AssetMetrix!

WOW.  I didn’t know about this one…
Would you like to know:
…how many "Retail" installations of Office 2003 you have versus "Select" versions?
…who is running SQL Server Enterprise Edition versus SQL Server Standard?
…who’s running illegally their production machines on MSDN licenses or OEM licenses?
…how many licenses you have "left" of a given product relative to a department’s license count?
…who’s got Word 2003 installed standalone versus Office 2003 installed?
…what machines have Adobe Acrobat installed as a package versus as a standalone product?
Most of all… would you like to be able to download an UPDATED DATABASE of all these versions and identifying rules that can be automatically used by SMS2003?
AssetMetrix not only provides clear, easy to interpret "inventory information" on your company’s deployed software relative to what you’ve licensed.
SMS2003 historically has had a bit of a problem with this because we provide "inventory data"… in other words, we tell you that you have 1824 copies of WINWORD.EXE version 11.0020.0 deployed.  What we don’t tell you is whether or not that installation of WINWORD.EXE is:
– Word 97 or Word 2000 or Word 2002/XP or Word 2003
– part of an installation of Office 2003, or if it’s a standalone install
– it’s a Select/EA installation of Word or it’s an MSDN copy
– if it’s legal or not relative to your current licensing for that department
…and it works against an consistently updated database of product that including 3rd parties – not just Microsoft products.
This is what Systems Management Server users have to look forward to folks.  This is gonna be incredibly valuable to Desktop Administrators the world over, and also for Server Administrators as well.


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