Posted by: kurtsh | July 24, 2022

INFO: Setting up common Conditional Access Policies for Azure AD Premium P1

imageIt should never be enough that a user that has a user name & a password immediately gets to access to resources in your infrastructure.

  • Should we require MFA?
  • Should they be working from a IT-managed device?
  • Do they need to be in the United States?  Can they be connecting in from Russia or North Korea?
  • Does their PC have to have the latest anti-malware on it?
  • Can they have an unpatched computer to connect in?

Enterprises with Azure Active Directory have great power over whether or not authenticated users get access to resources.  Here are some common Conditional Access policies set by Azure AD administrators.

Note: Conditional Access policies requires at least Azure Active Directory Premium P1 licensing for all users in your organization.

Read more about Common Conditional Access policies here:


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