Posted by: kurtsh | July 7, 2022

INFO: Identify anomalies and unexpected changes in cost – Microsoft Cost Management

Most Azure subscribers set budget alerts on their cloud spend… but did you know you can now set an anomaly alert to notify you of unusual cost spikes?

CostManagementThe article helps you identify anomalies and unexpected changes in your cloud costs using Cost Management and Billing. You’ll start with anomaly detection for subscriptions in cost analysis to identify any atypical usage patterns based on your cost and usage trends. You’ll then learn how to drill into cost information to find and investigate cost spikes and dips.

You can also create an anomaly alert to automatically get notified when an anomaly is detected.

In general, there are three types of changes that you might want to investigate:

  • New costs—For example, a resource that was started or added such as a virtual machine. New costs often appear as a cost starting from zero.
  • Removed costs—For example, a resource that was stopped or deleted. Removed costs often appear as costs ending in zero.
  • Changed costs (increased or decreased)—For example, a resource was changed in some way that caused a cost increase or decrease. Some changes, like resizing a virtual machine, might be surfaced as a new meter that replaces a removed meter, both under the same resource.

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