Posted by: kurtsh | July 6, 2022

INFO: Largest US County District Attorney’s office modernizes it’s Case Management system using Dynamics 365

imageDiscover how the District Attorney’s office for the largest US county digitized its paper-based processes and moved its 26-year-old system to a modern platform:

Michael Fermin had attended a Microsoft Convergence conference and listened intently as Satya Nadella spoke about how every business should be looking at how it can transform through data. He took this seriously. He saw how his organization changed hands (which is the nature of government), but he knew the office needed to find a way for case data and their associated learnings, to live on into perpetuity. He knew there was an opportunity to optimize workflows and make people’s jobs easier through better access to information. His goal was to pursue a digital transformation strategy that would digitize paper-based processes and move the office to a modern software platform that could evolve with their changing needs.

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