Posted by: kurtsh | September 2, 2021

INFO: End User Training for Microsoft 365

I often get asked what to do about end user training when folks are just getting their Microsoft 365 deployments rolled out.

There are two really great resources available from Microsoft to provide Enterprise customers with end user training to help users adopt the products & services in their Microsoft 365 E3/G3 or E5/G5 subscriptions.


  1. “Per-App Training”
    We have training videos & help content for over 30+ apps & services including all the Microsoft Office apps, Forms, Delve, Lists, Teams, OneDrive, Planner, Project, Publisher, Sharepoint, Stream, Todo, Visio, Whiteboard, etc.
  2. Quick Start Videos/Walkthroughs
    We have videos and walkthroughs on how to use most products.
  3. Downloadable Guides & Cheat Sheets
    We have downloadable “printable” guides for many of the products – in .PDF format

We provide – at no cost to your organization – instructor-led trainings for END USERS on the following products:
(Bold are the most popular)

  1. Microsoft Bookings
  2. Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  3. Microsoft Planner
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Online
  5. Microsoft To Do
  6. Microsoft Lists
  7. Microsoft Yammer
  8. Microsoft Accessibility
  9. Windows 10
  10. Power Apps
  11. Power BI
  12. Power Automate
  13. Microsoft Teams – Level 100, 200
  14. Microsoft Teams Meetings
  15. Microsoft Teams Calling
  16. Microsoft Teams as a Platform: Integrating Apps – Level 200
  17. Microsoft Teams Live Events (Attendee)
  18. Microsoft Teams Live Events (Organizer)
  19. Word Level 100 & 200
  20. Excel Level 100 & 200
  21. Microsoft OneNote – Level 100 & 200
  22. Outlook (Desktop & Mobile) – Level 100 & 200
  23. Forms
  24. Project for the Web
  25. Tasks

To take advantage of Customer Success Trainings, you’ll need to talk to your Microsoft Account Team and have them put you in touch with your Customer Success Manager, one of your Account Team’s members.  They can help orchestrate the scheduling of the course for your organization.


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