Posted by: kurtsh | September 2, 2021

BETA: Decentralized Identity from Microsoft

imageThe “decentralized identity” solution we’ve announced (preview) is one of the most fascinating & exciting things I’ve seen in a long time coming from Microsoft.

Imagine being able to:

  • identify yourself & verify who you are to multiple organizations & services
  • align your benefits, subscriptions, & memberships to your identity across different organizations
  • verify your identity to an organization using your phone, an authenticator app, and your camera + a QR code from the services
  • create your own identity store & participate in decentralized identity verification, independent from any other organization

Decentralized identity is the restructuring of the currently centralized physical and digital identity ecosystem into a decentralized and democratized architecture.

Leveraging Open Standards, Microsoft’s approach to decentralized identity includes blockchain-connected decentralized system groups that include:

  • Identity sources: Identity hubs, resolvers & attestation catalogs
  • Identity authenticators: Identity identifiers & authentications

imageUser agents – usually authenticator apps such as Microsoft Authenticator or other agent providers such as Google Authenticator, etc. – provide both enrollment as well as authentication approvals using QR codes.

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