Posted by: kurtsh | March 19, 2021

INFO: “Windows as a Service” cheat sheet

imageFormer Microsoft Deployment oracle, Michael Niehaus, has written a beautiful cheat sheet on what your deal is for whatever release of Windows 10 you have in your organization.

I’ve seen some questions recently about how the latest announcements about the 21H1 release of Windows should be considered. But really you should be looking more broadly, depending on what release you are currently running and how much time is left on that release. The Windows 10 release information page remains the authoritative source that everyone should be following, but here’s a quick take projecting that forward with (a) the new 21H1 release details, and (b) the expected 21H2 full release:

If you are running an Enterprise SKU of…
You should …

  • Something earlier than Windows 10 1803
    Seek help. You’re already unsupported.
  • Windows 10 1803 or 1809
    Hurry up and deploy at least Windows 10 2004. You only have until May 11, 2021.
  • Windows 10 1903
    This is already unsupported. Install the Windows 10 1909 enablement package right now, so that you are again supported.

For more on 1909, 2004, 20H2, LTSC, etc. read the full post:


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