Posted by: kurtsh | March 18, 2021

RELEASE: Power Automate Desktop – for Windows 10 at no additional cost

Easily automate anything from your desktop. Reduce bottleneck and create flows faster with hundreds of prebuilt actions. PowerAutomate Desktop is now available to Windows 10 users at no additional cost.

Now available for Windows 10 users at no additional cost

  • Record desktop and web actions in a single flow
    Use the desktop and web recorders to build flows while editing the recorded actions in real time across the web or desktop.
  • Automate easily with the drag-and-drop designer
    Organize your flows logically with the visual designer, while using desktop and web recorders to capture the core logic of your automation.
  • Start with hundreds of prebuilt actions
    Create flows faster using a diverse set of prebuilt actions that connect to many different systems including SAP, websites, and even legacy terminals and mainframes.
  • Create flows that validate themselves
    Take advantage of exception handling to enable complex workflows that require validation through actions and scripts—proactively managing settings so automations don’t require human intervention.
  • Monitor flows easily with centralized logs
    Review automatically saved centralized logs that include detailed information for every execution run, plus screenshots of errors for any troubleshooting.

Build personal desktop flows with easy drag-and-drop capabilities in Power Automate Desktop.

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