Posted by: kurtsh | March 16, 2021

RELEASE: Azure Resource Mover – Protect Resources for Migration

imageAzure Resource Mover, a new free service enables customers to move multiple resources across public Azure regions to support their ever-evolving business needs.

Azure Resource Mover greatly reduces customer time and effort needed to move resources across regions by providing a built-in dependency analysis, planning, and testing that ensures the resources are prepared to move and then successfully moved to the desired region.

Azure Resource Mover also provides a seamless and consistent single pane of glass experience that allows move orchestration for a range of Azure resources.

Q. What can customers do now that they couldn’t do before?

  • Azure Resource Mover now further simplifies the dependent resources analysis by validating and identifying all dependent resources in a single step. This reduces the multiple iterative steps previously required to discover all the resources in the environment, thus making planning for large scale even more seamless.
  • Customers from various industries such as Banking, Financial services or Healthcare may have sensitive data, which they encrypt using keys or certificates in key vaults. Azure Resource Mover now supports VMs encrypted using Customer Managed Keys (CMK) or Azure Disk Encryption (ADE) mechanisms.
  • We have heard from our customers that they needed a native experience within Azure Resource Mover that allows delete of source resources. We are now happy to announce that users can now delete multiple resources simultaneously using the delete source feature that provides full control and confidence with validations in place to ensure the delete is performed only after the move is completed.
  • VM replication health monitoring is now enabled once the ‘Prepare’ phase is complete, exposing any warnings and take corrective actions if there are any issues with ongoing replication.

Q. What is the pricing and/or licensing implications, if any, for this announcement?

  • None. Service is free, customers may incur ingress/egress charges.

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