Posted by: kurtsh | March 16, 2021

HOWTO: Optimize Azure Costs

We’ve published a page & docs specifically to help our customers optimize their costs of Azure.

The question I hear is, “Is there any training on how to leverage these cost optimization capabilities?” 

There are 2 means of learning how to cost optimize your Azure billing:

      • Gain visibility and draw cost insights using monitoring and analytics.
      • Maximize the efficiency of your cloud environment.
      • Provision resources that are optimized for cost.
  • Microsoft Ignite:
    “7 ways to Optimize your Azure Costs”
    Are you getting the most out of your Azure investment? One of our biggest Azure customers used these 7 actionable techniques to optimize their Azure costs . . . and you can too. Maersk will join us as we learn the right and wrong way to keep within your cost constraints, aim for scalable costs, pay for consumption, right-size resources, and monitor your spend.


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