Posted by: kurtsh | August 25, 2020

NEWS: End of mainstream support for Advanced Threat Analytics – January 2021

imageThe end of mainstream support for Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is coming on January 2021.

ATA will continue to be supported in extended support however after this date:

  • no further feature updates will be made to ATA (past updates are located here)
  • no functional patches other than security fixes will be published for ATA

Azure Advanced Threat Protection (AATP) has been the evolution of Advanced Threat Analytics, operating in the cloud & delivering improved protection at a rapid pace.

Folks using ATA know that it has always been a few steps behind AATP in features & functionality because it requires manual on-premises software updates, relative to AATP which is updated regularly in the cloud on customer’s behalf. 

It’s recommended that IT organizations consider beginning their transition to Azure Advanced Threat Protection to ensure their Active Directory Domain Controller environment is securely monitored for breaches & anomalous behaviors.  Resources to migrate are available here.

For more information, read the notification about the ending of ATA’s mainstream support:


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