Posted by: kurtsh | August 25, 2020

INFO: Comparing Microsoft 365 F1, F3, E3, & E5 Suites

imageDetermining the differences between Microsoft 365 F1, F3, E3, & E5 Suites can be difficult. 

On the surface, there’s a few pages documenting the general differences in applications & services available but scratching the surface reveals a lot more technical differences in those same services that you might not know about.

These sites are a good starting point as they provide overall/all-up views on the available services & functional differences between each suite.

For example, these sites will tell you which M365 license suite has Exchange Online, which has the Office ProPlus apps, which have Azure Information Protection, etc.

To understand feature level differences in each service or product, you need to go into the Service Descriptions for each suite/service.

For example, these sites will tell you “the differences in mailbox size” between suites, whether or not “mailbox litigation hold” or “data loss prevention” is available for a specific M365 license suite, etc.


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