Posted by: kurtsh | March 30, 2020

INFO: Teams Live Events resources & documentation

Interested in managing a Teams Live event and looking for some resources?

imageMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Employee Q&A: Program Playbook
This is an interesting resource:  It includes "Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Employee Q&A: Program Playbook”, a 15 page document that was created internally initially, that goes over how we provide Q&A for live events with 20,000 simultaneous viewers.  Areas include:

  1. Our Q&A strategy and its purpose and role in employee communications
  2. How we manage format and content
  3. Production logistics and best practices
  4. Creating a dialogue – learning and listening your employees
  5. Making events accessible

Download it from here:

Note: To access the videos, you need to register at:


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