Posted by: kurtsh | March 30, 2020

INFO: “Employee Communications Resources” – for the COVID-era

Employment psychologists have recently discussed the importance of management staying in front of employees to ensure they feel connected to the organization, despite working from home.

There are two on-demand resources we have that might be useful for organizations that want to improve their Employee Communications:

  • image“Employee Engagement Summit” – Recording/On-Demand
    We did a customer event with our internal Microsoft Human Resources & Employee Communications execs who went over the ways we engage our own employees.  Featuring Exec VP, Kathleen Hogan (Microsoft Human Resources, Chief People Officer), she discusses the topic of employee engagement for everything from “broad internal communications” to “industry team specific broadcasts”.  Leaders from Accentury, TSB Bank, Mondelez International, etc. are brought to discuss how they approach this evolving challenge:
  • imageModern Communications Webinars & Resources
    This is a treasure trove of information on Employee Engagement.  It includes, among other things:15 page Microsoft Internal documentation for “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Employee Q&A Program Playbook
    • 20 page Microsoft Internal documentation on “Launching & sustaining a successful internal communications campaign
    • On-demand recordings of
      • “Connective leaders & employees: Helping Leaders & Managers become better communicators
      • “Role of Communications in the Transformation of a company
      • “Using employee feedback & data to drive successful communications
      • “Powerful storytelling: Creating engaging content & driving the narrative
      • Empowering employees to be smart advocates for the company”
      • “Driving effective internal communications campaigns”

To access the videos & content, you’ll need to register at:


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