Posted by: kurtsh | March 16, 2020

INFO: Empower Firstline Workers with Azure AD and YubiKey passwordless authentication

Yubico VP Derek Hanson shares how Microsoft’s FIDO2 GoPasswordless support for hybrid environments is a game-changer for Firstline Workers:

imageMicrosoft announced the FIDO2 passwordless support for hybrid environments. The integration of FIDO2-based YubiKeys and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a game changer. It combines the ubiquity of Azure AD, the usability of YubiKey, and the security of both solutions to put us on the path to eliminate passwords in the enterprise.

Think about that for a moment. Imagine never being asked to change your password again, no more password spreadsheets or vault apps. No more phishing and password spray! Would it be too much to compare it to the moon landing? Probably. But it’s at least as monumental to security as the introduction of passwords themselves. Now think about how much passwordless authentication will improve everyday work for Firstline Workers.

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