Posted by: kurtsh | March 16, 2020

INFO: “Company Communicator” & Microsoft Teams App Templates

App templates are production-ready apps for Microsoft Teams that are community driven, open-source, and available on GitHub. Each contains detailed instructions for deploying and installing that app for your organization, providing a ready-to-use app that you can install and begin using immediately. The complete source code is available as well, so you can explore it in detail, or fork the code and alter it to meet your specific needs.

One such app is the “Company Communicator” – which sends targeted communications to employees on Teams and modernizes dissemination and consumption of employee announcements.

ex: COVID-19 alerts & notices

Here’s the description:


imageThe Company Communicator app enables corporate teams to create and send messages intended for multiple teams or large number of employees over chat allowing organization to reach employees right where they collaborate. Utilize this template for multiple scenarios such as new initiative announcements, employee onboarding, modern learning and development or organization-wide broadcasts.

The app provides an easy interface for designated users to create, preview, collaborate and send messages.

It provides a foundation to build custom targeted communication capabilities such as custom telemetry on how many users acknowledged or interacted with a message.

Other app templates include:

  • Celebrations app
  • Company Communicator app
  • FAQ Plus Bot
  • HR Support Bot
  • SharePoint List Search app
  • Custom Stickers app
  • Icebreaker bot
  • Scrum Status bot
  • Crowdsourcer bot
  • Expert Finder bot
  • Book-a-room bot
  • Attendance app
  • Associate Insights app
  • Incentives app

Check out the App Templates below:


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