Posted by: kurtsh | February 28, 2020

DOWNLOAD: Software Assurance 2020 Benefit Update Summary (.PDF)

imageThere are 3 major changes happening to Software Assurance beginning in 2020 that all SAB Administrators should be aware of that affect both EA renewals as well as existing benefits in February 2020: (Read the summary or the FAQ for details)

  • Planning Services
    We’re retiring Planning Services & making additional future investments in Microsoft FastTrack to assist with the adoption of cloud services.
  • Training Vouchers
    We’re retiring Training Vouchers benefit & instead investing in new future training/certification offerings. (Nothing announced yet)
  • Support
    We’re replacing 24/7 Problem Resolution Support incidents with credit toward Premier Unified Support contracts.

The timeline is documented in the following written .PDF summary of these changes. Please download it for details:


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