Posted by: kurtsh | February 25, 2020

INFO: “Office 365 Group Naming Policy: Deciding if it’s Right For You”

Ever wonder how to set naming policies for Office 365 Groups?

I found this off of Twitter one day and it was so well-thought out, I thought I’d share.

imageYou and I both know handing over the reigns and enabling self-service Office 365 Group creation is scary, especially when it comes to Microsoft Teams Deployment.

An Office 365 groups naming policy may be worth considering if you’re looking to manage users and groups at scale but is it a good fit for your environment?

I’ve been pondering what these policies look like in action and how they vary per organization, so I’ve done some research. Let’s look into the possibilities and impacts of enforcing a naming policy when deciding if it fits into your Office 365 ecosystem.

Read more here:

[Note: The above isn’t about a Microsoft written post.  It’s just something I found from interesting written by Jamie LaPorte, an independent Office 365 expert who’s written a lot of good stuff including, “How Can I Reduce My Email with Teams” and “That Team Should Be a Yammer Group”]


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