Posted by: kurtsh | January 30, 2019

TRAINING: Microsoft Flow Conference 2018 sessions now available on-demand

imageThe Microsoft Flow Conference was an amazing event, full of useful demos, great humor and mountains of valuable information!

We had 16 sessions ranging from beginner to intermediate all the way to into advanced techniques. We also had sessions that focused on the community, on real world scenarios and even about non-connected connectors.

Here’s some of the sessions posted online:

  • Meet Microsoft Flow  – Melissa Hubbard
  • Flow Buttons | What & How – Jerry Weinstock
  • PowerApps And Flow, Better Together – Mark Stokes
  • How we use Microsoft Flow: Real world use cases  – Sandro Pereira
  • 5 Tips when Introducing Microsoft Flow to your customers  – Kent Weare
  • Microsoft Flow’s unconnected connectors – Sandy Ussia
  • Upgrade your skills: Modern out-of-box Approvals – Laura Rogers
  • Use your on-prem data with Microsoft Flow – Daniel Glenn

Read more about the online sessions here:


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